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Feed-o-Matic ~ 20kgs Treadle Feeder

$189.00 incl GST

New, High quality Feedo-Matic 18L drinker imported direct from Europe with extra Large 18 litre capacity, easy fill top & versatile legs to raise drinker off the ground. (Note; available in Green and White only)


incl GST

12 liter Hanging drinker with 3 stainless steel nipples. The best in Hygiene.



Feed-o-Matic ~ 12kgs Treadle Feeder

$159.00 incl GST

 3.0 kgs Feeder with handle & cover $15.00

 1.0kg feeder with handle and cover $10.00 incl GST

6.0 kgs Feeder with handle & cover


0 incl GST

600mls Chick drinker  $5.00 incl GST

 Feed-o-Matic3.0L Drinker $19.90 incl GST

Feed-o-Matic 6.0L Drinker

$20.00 incl GST

Quality stainless steel drinker.

Just screw to a post (bracket provided) and connect to your water supply.  $89.00

      Feed-o-Matic 12L Drinker

      $30.00 INCL. gst

Plastic dish drinker. Suitable to insert soft drink bottles, so not much cleaning to do


1kg 7 hole Jar Feeder for Chic...

Narrow base feeder for Chicks & Quails with screw on jar.


300mm 16 Hole chick Feeder

This great wee feeder is ideal for newly hatched chicks or in aviaries with ground foraging


These tidy little drinkers are a fantastic alternative from our larger auto fill water drinker systems


Rabbit/ chick nipple drinker. 1 liter.


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