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Weston Brand - A complete feed for Adult layer hens.
An adapted formulation of natural protein and energy ingredients to maximise the production of home produced fresh eggs.

Laying hens require a good balance of protein (18%), energy, minerals and vitamins to ensure good health and production of eggs of a good size and quality.

Peak Layer Pellets 25 kgs bag  $37.- 


 Chicks choice: chick starter crumble for day old chicks through to 8 weeks of age.

 Weston Brand - A Complete feed for day old chicks.

This complete feed formula is designed specifically for chicks from day old through to 8 weeks of age.

  • High Protein and energy levels designed to ensure strong growth rates and feather development.

  • Contains the essential minerals and vitamins to satisfy the requirements of this stage of a chicks life.

  • Medicated feed, contains a coccidistat as an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.

  • Feed ad lib as sole diet to chicks to eight weeks of age, and then change to Grower through to point of lay.

Note; Can also be fed to mother hen whilst she is raising her young, discard eggs if she proceeds to lay whilst still brooding


Chick Starter Crumble 25 kg

$40.00 incl. GST. Smaller quantities on request

Weston Chook Grow pellets.

Poultry Grower is a special formulation with the essential nutrients of protein, energy and minerals in readiness for a healthy productive hen.

We recommend using Chook Grow for chooks from the age of 8 weeks old through to Point of Lay (Approx. 18 to 20 weeks of age depending on breed).


Chook Grow 25 kg $37.50- incl GST


Layers mash

Our layers mash is sourced from a supplier who we believe uses only quality ingredients without adding fillers. It is a complete food for your hens and has oyster grit added for extra calcium and thus better eggshells


Layers mash 25 kg

 $37.- incl GST


Oyster Shell Grit (2.0 kg)   $6.50 incl GST

Oyster Shell Grit (20 kg) $32.- incl. GST


Fine to medium graded Oyster Shell Grit.

Why do Birds need Oyster Shell Grit???
Oyster shell contains high levels of calcium which is important to a laying birds diet to ensure good quality egg shell production and muscle development. Grit also aids in food digestion.

Birds such as Aviary birds and Poultry require grit, which when eaten, is held in the crop, in turn grinding whole grains, seeds or even kitchen scraps etc., making the digestion of their feed easier, therefore better feed conversion to help meet nutritional needs, along with the slow release of calcium into the birds system.

Oyster Shell Grit is essential for non-free ranging chooks that are unable to source their own grit. Also essential for poultry on whole grain diets. Ideal for all Aviary birds and Poultry

Boredom buster poultry pecker $9.00


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