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This hay rack is ideal for setting up in temporary pens or paddocks for feeding small amounts of hay, or for taking to shows etc. Easy to transport, set up and take down. Easily stored away when not required. Sides fold in flat. Just hang or tie it on any convenient fence or wall. 60cm square, made out of 6mm steel rod, galvanised finish. Most suitable for smaller livestock. $79.95

Nylon mesh net contains hay whilst allowing animals to remove it through mesh. Useful for penned or confined stock, or for shows, field days, events, etc. Smaller mesh suits younger stock.Size 3: large net, 90cm deep, with 14cm mesh Size 2: med net, 80cm deep, with 9cm mesh $12.95

Handy small or large animal single-shot drencher, using our Luer-lock syringe drench nozzle on a Plexi-Vet syringe. This combination unit can be boiled to sterilise and is substantial enough to stand continued use. Very accurate dose volumes$24.95

 Featuring our special dairyman’s narrow blade (single-edge), but also available double edge for those who prefer. Left and right-hand use in both models. Great value at $12.95

Magnum 40ml drench/pour on. The Magnum pour-on drenchers are designed to be accurate, durable and easy to use. New softlock valves improve the refilling and ease of squeeze of the gun while an offset barrel improves priming. The Magnum is easy to clean and maintain, has a robust handle, dial-a-dose selector for accuracy and various nozzles for different application methods are available. The 40ml comes complete with delivery tubes, oral drench nozzle and fan nozzle while the 70ml is complete with delivery tube and shower nozzle. Doses: 40ml Magnum: 10-18ml in 2ml increments, 18-40ml in 4ml increments. 70ml Magnum: 10-70ml in 2.5ml increments. $57.95

The Gambrel restrainer is the ideal way to simply and humanely restrain any sheep. It can be used again and again, and is ideal for foot trimming, lambing, transportation, and any holding job. Sheep can still even feed when restrained. To apply, hold the sheep on its side and hook the restrainer on to one front leg. Pull the restrainer over the nape of the neck and hook in other leg. The cord is then slipped under the neck and into the special side hooks. Dead easy. The Gambrel restrainer can also be used on goats and calves. Supplied as each. $16.95

A handy set for the small-block farmer. Our perfectly good plastic applicator, with 30 castration rings included. $21.95

This cunning instrument delivers the pill with a little bit of water to make sure the swallow reflex is triggered. Just load the syringe part with water (sweetened can help), then load the pill in the wee jaws, and squirt pill and water down the throat. Great! at $3.95

Special fine-blade snips from well known UK manufacturer, Burgon & Ball. Ideal for trimming feet of sheep and goats for footrot and other conditions. The fine blades allow accurate trimming between the claws. This tool is very sharp and will also have many other uses around home or farm. Comfortable-design handles, with safety strap, and easy-to-operate thumb-slide for blades lock. Length 19cm o.a. Blade length 5cm.$27.95  

Best seller!The ASTi Premium combines both a timer and a light sensor giving you the ultimate in flexibility for controlling the chicken coop door. Easy to set-up with an integrated LCD screen, our ASTi Premium door opener is the most popular choice!


Our best selling automatic chicken door opener comes packed with some great features including an integrated timer and light sensor, full manual Door Control and our unique failsafe mode for that extra peace of mind; giving you total flexibility over how and when you want the pophole door Opened or Closed.

Running on only 4 x AA batteries, our ASTi door opener has been designed with ease of use in mind. Simply secure the control box to the front of your coop, set your opening and closing preferences and you’re away. We have even made the buttons extra big so that you can easily press them with gloves on in the winter!

  • Integrated Timer and LUX Sensor for total control.

  • Configurable fail-safe mode – closes door at a programmable time even if it is still light.

  • Manually control the door with a simple press of the button.

  • Easily adjustable LUX sensitivity to vary when the door opens or closes when using the LUX sensor.

  • Fully featured LCD Display for ease of use.

  • Door closed indicator visible up to 100 metres away.

  • Low battery warning indicator.

  • All in one design.

  • Long battery life.

  • No complicated wiring or cabling.

  • 1kg/2.2lb door lifting capacity.

  • Full 2 year warranty.

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