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The most important reason for us to stock Coprice dog food is the fact that it has no additives added to it. Meaning it is highly suitable for dogs that are susceptible to for example skin allergies.

Also, our prices are consistently competitive if compared to other outlets or other brands.

 Working dog  20kg                    $95                           Family dog 20kg                      $95

Senior dog 20kg                         $95

Puppy 15kg                                 $85

Our` Big Mountain Naturally`                    frozen petfood range:


Healthy Dog beefless 5kg  $42.00

Healthy dog beefless 20kg  $144.00

Healthy dog 5kg  $42.00

Healthy dog 20kg  $144.00

Chicken necks 2kg  $13.90

Chunky Salmon medallions 1kg  $16.50

Salmon& Chicken medallions 1kg  $15.50

Goat cubes 2kg  $37.00

Steak & Rabbit medallions 1kg  $16.50

Rabbit & heart medallions 1kg  $16.50

Chicken medallions 1kg  $12.00

Wallaby and Possum medallions 1kg  $16.00

Marrow Bones beef  $14.50

Beef brisket bones 2kg  $18.00

Rabbit Ears dried 6 pack  $9.00

Deer Antler 15cm  $12.00

Deer Antler 20cm  $19.90


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